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Our company provides electric and power electronic devices for electric buses and trolleybuses. We also offer systems which enable autonomous operation of the vehicles and systems storing the energy recovered during the braking process (with the use of supercapacitors).

Examples of electric bus devices:

  • static converters to supply a compressor and power steering pump, and to charge the traction battery with a capacity of up to 5 kW,
  • traction battery charger with the capacity of: 30 kW,
  • drive controller with a control and measuring touchscreen,
  • traction motor with the capacity of: 155 kW, and overload capacity of: 230 kW,
  • asynchronous drive inverter,
  • voltage switchgear, HV and 3-phase 400 V,
  • traction battery with BMS,
  • equipment fluid cooling system (motor, inverter, and converter),
  • driver’s cabin air-conditioning unit.


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