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For over 30 years, Enika has been specializing in the design, production and service of complete electrical and power electronic devices for both urban public transport (trams, trolleybuses, electric buses and infrastructure) as well as rolling stock and railway infrastructure. Thanks to the wide competence and huge experience, the company offers high-quality devices and the possibility of full integration of all components on the vehicle, in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The main goal of the company’s strategy is to offer reliable, inexpensive to operate and modern products tailored to the needs of customers. Enika is a family company with 100% Polish capital. It employs about 120 people.

It is created by specialists and experts who are the best guarantee of quality. Therefore, the company’s reliable products improve transport around the world. The core of the company is the technical department, research and development department, which consists of constructors and technologists, headed by an experienced designer. After a period of production intended only for the Polish market, export to European markets has been dynamically developing for several years.

The certificates held (ISO/TS 22163:2017 and ISO 9001:2015) prove how much the company attaches importance to the high quality of the product and the full satisfaction of customer expectations.

General Terms of Delivery


The company’s mission is to design, manufacture, deliver and service modern power electronic devices with a high degree of reliability, conducive to the customer’s economy focused on saving electricity and respecting the natural environment, mainly for public transport (vehicles and charging infrastructure), but also for railway infrastructure. ENIKA’s product range includes several hundred devices such as: voltage converters, complete asynchronous drives for trams, trolleybuses and electric buses. Products for the needs of transport are addressed both to rolling stock manufacturers and for the needs of vehicle repairs and modernization. Enika has also been involved in environmentally friendly projects for many years. The company’s solutions dedicated to zero-emission buses (electric and hydrogen) are appreciated by domestic and foreign carriers. Enika provides personalized products for specific types of transport. Enika offers both stationary and mobile chargers, enabling regenerative charging, as well as high-power pantograph stations enabling quick replenishment of the vehicle’s energy storage.

Quality Policy

ENIKA Sp. z o. o. boils down to running the company in such a way that the manufactured and delivered products and services comply with the established requirements regarding: quality, reliability, technical safety and functionality, and the implementation of this task is carried out in a continuous manner, friendly to the surroundings and the work environment .

Privacy policy [PDF]


ENIKA, appreciating the importance of quality in the realities of competition on the market, in 2001 took steps to implement the Quality Management System culminating in the execution of the certificate awarded in the field of “Design, production, delivery and service of power-electric devices for rolling stock, trolleybuses and industrial automation”. In 2010, we adopted a new standard established in the board of the new standard of business management in the railway industry, understood as a set of activities from entry to scrapping the device. On December 10, 2010, after completing the audit, we obtained the IRIS certificate.

Enika received a certificate of the Friendly Nature Company and Corporate Social Responsibility program. The Nature-Friendly Company program for pro-ecological educational activities supported by AURAEKO BATERPAK, specifically for clients who require support from ecological employees as part of CSR activities. Find out more about this program here.

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