Electric buses - Chargers

   Efficient functioning of electric buses requires a suitable infrastructure. Enika provides chargers intended for electric bus batteries. The Enika chargers can be supplied directly from the industrial grid (3-phase 400 VAC). Enika provides mobile models, as well as models installed on a concrete foundation.

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ENI-SPANT/450 Pantograph Station

ENI-SPANT/450 Pantograph Station is a fast and powerful charger intended for charging electric buses equipped with a Ride&Charge pantograph (from EC Engineering sp. z o.o.)

ENI-LM400 City Charger

The ENI-LM400 stationary city charger is intended for recharging EV bus battery banks. The battery charger is powered directly fromindustrial power supply 3 x 400 VAC.

ENI-LZ400 Depot Charger

The ENI-LZ400 stationary depot charger is designed to charge EV bus batteries.

ENI-LW400 Workshop Charger

The ENI-LW400 mobile charger is intended for recharging EV bus battery packs.


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