Converters for electric buses

   Converters enable the parameters of the supply voltage to be changed. These devices have two basic applications in electric buses. First, a power converter enables the charging of 24 VDC voltage batteries, and secondly, converters enable the supply of on-board equipment (e.g. air conditioning or heating systems) with 3-phase 400 VAC. Enika converters are housed in a sealed, coated aluminium case, ensuring they are resistant to the influences of external factors that could disturb their operation. The converter mounting method can be adjusted to individual needs, allowing them to be installed in electric buses from various manufacturers.

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ENI-BAT/24DC/6/U Converter

The ENI-BAT/24DC/6/U static converter is intended for recharging 24 V batteries aboard electric bus vehicles.

ENI-BAT/400AC/6/U Converter

The ENI-BAT/400AC/6/U static converter is intended as a 3 x 400 VAC power supply.


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