Drive systems for electric buses

   Electric buses are both green and economical, partly because their drives do not produce gas emissions. Thus, electric buses are seen as environmentally friendly vehicles. Contrary to trolleybuses, electric buses do not utilize an overhead contact line, as they are supplied with energy obtained directly from batteries. Modern electric drives enable the reuse of the energy produced during vehicle braking. The regenerated energy is used to charge the batteries, increasing the vehicle’s range. Operation of an electric drive is neither associated with vibration or noise, which greatly improves travel comfort. Enika provides its customers with modern drive systems for electric buses, where the system configuration can be adjusted to suit individual customer needs.

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ENI-EBUS/CENT Universal Power Transmission Box

The universal power transmission box consists of a single-body box to be mounted on the roof of an electrically-driven vehicle.


The ENI-EBUS/URSUS system is a complete power and control equipment unit for the EKOVOLT electric bus manufactured by URSUS.


The ENI-EBUS/ELTR/ZF/AVE system is a complete power and control equipment unit for the ELECTRON electricbus manufactured by ELECTRONTRANS.


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