The struggle for clean transport and low fuel consumption are the most significant challenges faced by modern bus carriers. It is about air quality and maintaining a clean environment, while also ensuring, more prosaically, cost savings. Photovoltaic installations on buses are nothing revolutionary, but to work effectively it is vital to consider the other components of the photovoltaic system, not just the panels, to guarantee both efficiency and durability. Enika offers converters for photovoltaic systems, which can charge the vehicle batteries with the energy generated by the cells. The photovoltaic system components from Enika are simple to use, ergonomic, achieve high efficiency, and allow the use of a wide range of diagnostic and monitoring systems.


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ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X Converter

The ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X converter is a set of MMPT solar power controllers, intended for charging 24 VDC batteries.


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