ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X Converter

Przetwornica ENI-PV-L-MPPT
rysunek techniczny przetwornicy ENI-PV-L-MPPT



The ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X converter is a set of MMPT solar power controllers, intended for charging 24 VDC batteries. The controller stabilises the output voltage of the solar panels to achieve optimum power profiles for battery charging. The number of supported panels is encoded by X at the device type suffix.ej w pod postacią litery X.


 PV cell voltage  3 ÷ 23 VDC
 Maximum current per PV cell  10 A
 Nominal output voltage (adjustable according to the battery type)  24 VDC
 Maximum power rating (for 16 connected PV cells)  2,4 kW
 Overall efficiency  > 97%
 Connectivity  CAN 2.0A / CAN Open
 Cooling  natural (convection)
 Enclosure protection rating  IP54
 Weight  16 kg


The device is encased in a sealed and durable aluminium enclosure with a powder coat finish. The enclosure front panel features an LCD. The enclosure features solar power controllers (one per each solar panel). The number of supported panels is encoded by X at the device type suffix. The size, the mounting method and the electric connections of the converter are designed for installation in the compartment beneath the bus windscreen. Service access is facilitated by a swing-open front cover, which houses the LCD, the control buttons and the USB storage port. The electrical connections are housed in separate bays on the enclosure's short sides for easy access and protection against penetration of the enclosure by contaminants and moisture.


The device converts the AC voltage from the panel PV cells into stabilised battery charging voltage. The LCD provides real-time visualization and diagnostics of device performance. The device allows downloading of energy consumption reports to a connected USB drive.


schemat blokowy przetwornicy eni-pv-l-mppt

Power kW
Input voltage
23 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC

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