A dual frequency power generator is used to produce current at two different frequencies. The generated current is used for the uniform heating (hardening) of complex metal elements, such as gear wheels, through a surface hardening process. Enika's industrial dual-frequency power generators are equipped with a comprehensive fourth-order resonant circuit, which allows the generation of two current signals in the inductor at significantly different frequencies (bottom MF: 10-40 kHz; top HF: 150-400 kHz). The generators require a 3-phase 400 VAC supply and are equipped with automatic adjustment of the output circuit to the impedance of the charge. Enika industrial power generators feature overload, short-circuit and anti-shock protection systems, and are also equipped with grounding of the inductor. Such solutions guarantee a high level of security of generator operation.

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Double - frequency current generator

The double-frequency current generator is a device intended for induction hardening; the device comes complete with automatic output line adjustment for the charge impedance during the heating process.


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