Test stands

Regular inspections of tram stock guarantee the safety of passengers. Moreover, the proper servicing of vehicles prolongs their operational life. Enika provides test stands for use during technical inspections and diagnostic tests. Products in this category include supply stands with a nominal supply voltage of 600 VDC, for use in supplying a tram during electrical unit tests. Moreover, Enika provides feeders with a regulated output voltage range (1 to 1000 V), which are used in performance testing of the electrical equipment installed in trams.

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ENI-ZB15/1000 Power supply unit

The ENI-ZB15/1000 power supply unit has the output voltage adjustable from 1 to 1000 V. The device is intended for testing electrical systems and equipment of rail vehicles, specifically trams.

ENI-SBT70 Power supply unit

The ENI-SBT70 power supply unit with a rated output voltage of 600 VDC is intended as a power supply to tram cars during testing of onboard electrical components.

ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand

The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.


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