ENI-SR/P1/2016 Hand Dryer

Suszarka do rąk ENI-SR/P1 oraz ENI-SR/L1
Suszarka do rąk ENI-SR/P1 oraz ENI-SR/L1



The ENI-SR/P1/2016 (right-hand version) hand dryer is built-in railway convenience equipment for the WC cubicles of passenger carriages.


 Controller and fan motor rated supply voltage  24 VDC
 Heating element rated supply voltage  230 VDC
 Heating element power rating  1 kW
 24 VDC system current load  ≤ 2 A
 Fan flow rate  150 m3/h
 Noise level  max. 60 dB
 Protection  Two-stage overheating protection;
 Maximum air outlet temperature  60°C
 Galvanic separation  Between the heating circuit and enclosure
 Insulation test voltage  HV heating circuit: 1.5 kVAC/50 Hz/1 min.
 LV control circuit: 500 VAC/50 Hz/1 min.
 Enclosure protection rating  IP20
 Weight  3 kg
 Operating orientation  vertical



The hand dryer is encased in a stainless steel sheet enclosure. The enclosure houses a fan with a transverse air outlet, which flows through the heating element, a proximity sensor and thermal protection sensors. On the base is a control system, with LED indicators for state of operation. The fan intake and outlet ducts are protected with screens against foreign objects. On the upper edge of the dryer are J1 and J104 connectors for connection to the carriage circuits.


Supplying 24 VDC and 230 VAC voltage to the hand dryer prepares it for operation. The hand dryer starts functioning when the proximity sensor is triggered. The device turns itself off after about 25 s of running and returns to standby. The continued presence of the hands within the proximity sensor range will not cause the device to run indefinitely. Restarting the dryer requires moving the hands out of and back into the range of the proximity sensor at the air outlet duct. The air outlet temperature is analysed continuously so as not to exceed the temperature of 60°C. In case of emergency operation, the heating element does not function. The dryer blows air at ambient temperature. Check whether the intake and exhaust ducts are clogged by foreign bodies. After removing the obstacle, press the RESET button. Repeated switching of the device to the emergency mode means that the temperature sensor is damaged, and it is impossible to smoothly control the outlet air temperature. For safety reasons, the heating element will not be switched on. Non-functional dryer status occurs in the event of damage.



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