Voltage inverters for trains and subway

   Thanks to the converters, the current-voltage characteristics can be adjusted to the requirements of the receivers installed in subway and railway cars, supplied via overhead contact line systems. There is a need for conversion when the parameters of the current supplied do not match the installations and systems. Thanks to Enika converters, a low-voltage system can be used in subway or railway cars. Moreover, converters fulfil a significant role in protecting the entire system, as they are resistant to overvoltages and short circuits. Thanks to the built-in safety systems, they switch off automatically when they sense that the current supplied over a longer period exceeds the nominal values. At the same time, when the current parameters return to normal, the converter also returns to its normal mode of operation. This is not just a safety aspect, it further contributes to reducing the operational and service costs.

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ENI-110/24DC Converter

The ENI-110/24DC converter is intended as a power supply for on-board LV systems in railway cars, locomotives and electric train units.


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