Other equipment for trains and subway

   Enika offers a very wide range of accessories for trains, including underground and other rail vehicles. This category includes stations for testing the power generators of diesel locomotives, as well as mobile stations for powering railway carriages. Being mounted on a three-wheeled trolley with a steering wheel ensures their mobility and convenience. Enika also offers inverters, current stabilizers, overcurrent relays, regulators, rectifiers and diagnostic tools and equipment for standard and underground rail units. All products are made of the highest quality materials to guarantee their durability and long-term, maintenance-free operation. They are also extremely versatile, and can be used in older types of carriages and trains, as well as modernized and modern units.

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ENI-SBL/2000 Test Bed

The ENI-SBL/2000 test bed is intended for power testing of Diesel locomotive generators. The test bed outputs the power generated by the locomotive during testing.

ENI-SB90/3000 Power supply unit

The device is intended as a 3 kV power supply source, generated from 3 x 400 VAC for railway cars. The power supply unit is confined to a mobile truck (cart).

ENI-SIP Current Stabilizer

The ENI-SIP 110V/l-1,2A current stabilizer is intended as a power source for Hasler tachographs in locomotives and train units.

ENI-FL40/DBC Inverter

The ENI-FL40/DBC inverter is intended to supply electrical power to the compressor/fan motors installed in the auxiliary circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives.

ENI-SBT70 Power supply unit

The ENI-SBT70 power supply unit with a rated output voltage of 600 VDC is intended as a power supply to tram cars during testing of onboard electrical components.

ENI-RPG/DBC Controller

The ENI-RPG/DBC main generator excitation controller is intended as a power supply for the main generator windings and to control the discharge resistor in the electrical circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives.

ENI-PP100/DBC Auxiliary rectifier

The ENI-PP100/DBC rectifier is fed with the supply from the auxiliary generator and intended as a power supply for the auxiliary circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives.

ENI-PP2000/DBC Main rectifier

The ENI-PP2000/DBC rectifier is fed from the main generator and intended as a power supply for electric traction power circuits of shunting and similar locomotives.

ENI-OU3000RT Busbar Disconnector

The ENI-OU3000RT busbar disconnector is intended for making and breaking UIC-550 compliant contact system voltage connections to rail vehicle high voltage circuits, including static converters.

ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand

The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.

UWOe-1-2 Selective Switch Panel

The UWOe-1-2 selective switch panel provides power supply to ventilation heating systems in new and retrofitted passenger rail cars.


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