ENI-PP640/480 Passenger Control Panel

Panel ENI-PP640480
rysunek techniczny panelu ENI-PP640480



The ENI-PP640/480 passenger control panel is intended to provide controls for air conditioning, cabin lamps, PA system in the passenger cabin, or passenger information. The panel boasts highly aesthetic finish, ease of use and durability. The ENI-PP640/480 passenger panel is installed inside of passenger rail cars (e.g. above compartment doors). The panel can visualise multiple parameters input over CAN bus, and switch and diagnose relay outputs.


 Rated input voltage  24 VDC
 Display  Type: TFT, 262144 colours
 Display size: 10.4”
 Display resolution: 640 x 480
 actual view angle (CR>10): ≥170°
 Backlight intensity: 450 cd/m2
 Contrast level: CR=1500
 Operator controls  Tamper-proof touch screen
 Communication interfaces  CAN / CAN Open, SPI
 Size [W x H x D]  320 x 230 x 65 mm
 Weight  3,3 kg
 Ambient operating temperature  -30 °C ÷ +50°C
 Outputs  6 relays, NO 6A/24VDC


The passenger control panel bezel on the operator's side (front) is made of 5 mm aluminium sheet. The front bezel features the graphical display. The LCD is shielded with a special tamper-proof touch screen. The back section of the control panel is a rectangular sheet metal enclosure with the following connectors: Two DB9 connectors (male and female) are provided for CAN connectivity, and WAGO spring-loaded sockets and plugs for other connections.


The soft buttons and information displays are grouped in screens. The screens can be navigated and the displayed controls operated by touching the screen within the border of respective on-screen buttons. The on-screen soft buttons are intuitive icons.

Cabin light and PA control
The relay outputs of the panel enable control over cabin lights in various illumination modes. The panel also provides five-levels of PA loudness to choose from.

Compartment A/C control
The control panel is interfaced with the passenger car A/C system over CAN. The control panel reads cabin sensor indications and can turn on the compartment heater, depending on the commands received from the master control system

The panel can display various information inputs from the passenger car controller via CAN, e.g. current train speed, outside temperature, railway station names, WC occupied/free, etc.

Diagnostic functions
The control panel can alert the passenger car controller over CAN if a controlled line, powered via a digital relay output, fails as detected when the relay contact current is outside the preset signal range. The relay current settings can be customised from the service access screen on the control panel.

Input voltage
24 VDC

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