Tram air conditioners

   Commuting comfort is just as important as timely departures and tramway circulation frequency at passenger stops. The temperature in passenger cabins of tramway vehicles is a basic criterion of comfort. A/C units are a now common comfort feature even in legacy tramway models. The climate comfort of tramway drivers is just as important: good working conditions are essential to their comfort, attention and focus, on which the safety of the drivers, the passengers and the vehicles depends. Retrofitting a tramway vehicle with a driver's cabin A/C system is an investment in safety. Enika A/C units maintain proper climate comfort parameters. They are easy and intuitive in operation and can be integrated with other onboard systems to improve overall operating efficiency and protection of air conditioning.

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KLIT 600/1 Air Conditioning Unit

The KLIT 600/1 A/C unit is intended for comfort control of the air temperature in tram motorman and trolleybus driver cabs.


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