Tram infrastructure devices

   Modern tramway transit services feature many interconnected vehicle and trackside systems. A complete tramway transit system is not only about comfortable and highly aesthetic tramway stock; it includes an entire trackside infrastructure which enables tramway circulation on the track system and is critical to the convenience and safety of commuters. This product category includes power diode rectifiers for contact (catenary) systems and power frequency converters for trackside infrastructure, including passenger stops and passenger information systems. Trackside power frequency converters are fed directly by the contact system and designed for overhead installation on catenary masts. Enika's solutions for tramway trackside infrastructure include diagnostic equipment for testing onboard power and control systems of tramway vehicles.

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ENI-PP600/230 Pole Mounted Converter

The ENI-PP600/230 static converter is intended as a power supply source for technical infrastructure equipment, supplied from the 600 VDC overhead contact line.

ENI-ZB15/1000 Power supply unit

The ENI-ZB15/1000 power supply unit has the output voltage adjustable from 1 to 1000 V. The device is intended for testing electrical systems and equipment of rail vehicles, specifically trams.


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