Air conditioners for trolleybuses

   A comfortable air temperature in the driver's cabin is critical to the working comfort and the safety of passengers. Enika provides air conditioning units for trolleybuses. Each air conditioning solution features two essential units: a refrigerating unit and a frequency converter. Both are installed on the trolleybus roof directly over the driver's cab. The frequency converter provides the air conditioning unit with power from the contact system. The refrigerating unit dries and cools the air taken from the driver's cab. The air supply temperature can be adjusted with a dedicated A/C control panel. The condensate from the air cooled by the refrigerating unit is discharged away via a dedicated drain, along with the water which may enter the A/C system during rain.

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KLIT 600/1 Air Conditioning Unit

The KLIT 600/1 A/C unit is intended for comfort control of the air temperature in tram motorman and trolleybus driver cabs.


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