KLIT 600/1 Air Conditioning Unit

Klimatyzator KLIT 600/1
rysunek techniczny klimatyzatora KLIT 600/1



The KLIT 600/1 A/C unit is intended for comfort control of the air temperature in tram motorman and trolleybus driver cabs.


 Primary line supply voltage  420 ÷ 900 VDC
 Control input voltage  20 ÷ 28 VDC
 On-board 24 VDC system current load  1 A
 Rated cooling power  3,5 kW
 Refrigerant  R 134a
 Cool air flow rate  max 550 m3/h
 Air flow rate control  Manual, 3-speed
 Weight  ca. 90 kg


The A/C unit comprises two general sections, the fan coil and the converter installed on a common skid on the vehicle roof, over the driver's cab. The supply voltage is fed via cables to a sealed terminal box located on the converter enclosure side wall. The control panel, located on the cab ceiling fascia, features a master on/off switch, cold air flow rate selector, and directional air vents.


The hot air in the cab is aspirated by two blowers and fed to the A/C unit. When cooled down and dehumidified in the evaporator, the air is cycled back into the cab. The condensate generated by the cooling process is evacuated to the outside by a drain port together with any rainwater which might get into the A/C unit. When online, the refrigerating cycle is controlled with an anti-icing switch and a pressure switch, and both control the compressor motor. The fan coil is powered from the integrated converter or – upon transient contact system voltage loss – the A/C integrated battery bank. Any contact system voltage loss for over 7 s will stop and switch the A/C unit to standby. The A/C unit converter provides galvanic separation of the contact system from the fan coil, and recharges the A/C unit battery bank. The control panel is intended to start, stop and control the cool air flow rate of the A/C unit.


schemat blokowy prostownika diodowego typu ENI - 12D - 2M

Power kW
Input voltage
24 VDC

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