Static converter for trolleybuses

   Power converters adjust the power supply parameters as required by the power loads at the outputs. The static converters dedicated to trolleybus step down the contact system voltage. The 600 V voltage input is reduced to 400 VAC or 24 V at the outputs with full galvanic separation. The outputs provide power to onboard systems, including air conditioning, lamps, controls and passenger information. Static converters from Enika are delivered for roof mounting. The static converter housings are rated for ingress protection against moisture, water, dust and other outdoor elements. The static converters feature aluminium heat sinks for heat removal and variable-speed cooling fans. These features maintain a safe operating temperature with a minimum noise.

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ENI-TL600/24AC-22 Converter

The ENI-TL 600/24AC-22 static converter is intended as a 24 V and 3 x 400 VAC power supply for trolleybus driver's cab and passenger cabin air conditioning lines.


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