Drive systems for trolleybuses

   One of the greatest advantages of trolleybuses is their green drive, which only requires electric power. Electric drive systems do not emit exhaust gases. This is very convenient, as the problem of city smog is mounting. The latest power transmission systems for trolleybuses can return the energy recovered by braking to the contact system. The electric drive solutions for trolleybuses have an extremely low noise rating. Each trolleybus power transmission system from Enika includes the power transmission box, the controller board, and the control panel. The power transmission box is installed in a secure, corrosion-resistant housing made from powder-coated aluminium sheet. The control panel facilitates real-time monitoring of the drive system performance and archiving of selected operating parameters of the trolleybus. The displays are customizable per specific project requirements.

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ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 System

The ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 is a complete motive power transmission and control system intended for the ELECTRONTRANS T19102-10 trolleybus.


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