ENI-PP600/230 Pole Mounted Converter

Przetwornica ENI-PP600/230/3AC2
Przetwornica ENI-PP600/230/3AC2



The ENI-PP600/230 static converter is intended as a power supply source for technical infrastructure equipment, supplied from the 600 VDC overhead contact line. The device is designed for installation on poles in an overhead contact line system.


 Type ENI-PP600/230/3AC2.2 ENI-PP600/230/5AC2.2
 Rated input voltage 600 VDC
 Scope of supply voltage variation 400 VDC - 850 VDC
 Rated output voltage (RMS) 230 V ± 10%
 Output voltage frequency 50 Hz ± 1%
 Output voltage waveform sine
 Rated power output 3 kVA 5 kVA
 Rated output current 13 A 22 A
 Overload protection YES
 Short circuit protection YES
 Galvanic separation between input and output
electrical system and enclosure
 Power electronic section insulation test voltage rated 2.9 kV / 50 Hz / 1 min
 Working temperature -30°C to +40°C
 Build type two steel enclosures with a steel frame
intended for mounting on an overhead contact line pole
 Casing protection rating IP54
 Weight 96 kg 112 kg


The converter has a powder-coated metal enclosure, mounted on a stainless-steel structure, which is designed for installation on an overhead contact line pole. The back panel of the enclosure features a heatsink to dissipate heat from the semiconductor parts of the converter. The front panel of the converter enclosure consists of an access door with key locks for easy access to the inside of the converter and for protection against access by unauthorised persons. The enclosure houses the converter’s actuation circuits. The bottom panel of the enclosure has two detachable multi-pin connectors, one for power supply and the other for connecting the load. In addition, the converter is equipped with a service socket for quick diagnostics.
For mounting on the pole, side brackets are used, located on the back panel of the base frame. The device is mounted using metal clamps, which pass through the base frame brackets. Due to the different designs of overhead contact line poles, clamps are not included.


The ENI-PP600/230 converter is fed from a 600 VDC voltage supply. After connecting the wiring and applying voltage, the autostart system is triggered automatically and feeds power to the control system of the converter. Once the converter is in operation and 230 V / 50 Hz voltage appears at its output, the control system is additionally supplied by a power supplier connected to the output terminals. The 600 VDC input voltage of the converter is supplied through an input filter to a full-bridge inverter, which in turn feeds the sine wave filter (L2, C1) and the primary windings of the TR1 transformer. The inverter is a pulse-width modulation (PWM) device. The pulse-width modulation allows for the adjustment of the converter output voltage. The transformer secondary winding output voltage is transferred to the X2 output terminals. The output voltage and load current are controlled by Hall effect transducers.


block diagram ENI-PP600/230

Power kW
5 , 3
Input voltage
600 VDC
Output voltage
230 VAC

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