Modernization of Siemens Combino trams

Enika is involved in the process of carrying out the major repair along with the modernization of Siemens Combino trams. Enika supplies complete drive systems, static converters, control systems and driver’s cabin accessories.
The scope of delivery of the system includes the following devices:

  • Modernized container for traction inverters and converters ENI-KFP1/CMB
  • Modernized container for traction inverters and converter ENI-KFP5/CMB 
  • Modernized ENI-SKP/CMB pantograph box
  • ENI-SNT/CMB main controller board
  • Distributed I/O tabels of the ENI-TWRA/CMB driver’s desk
  • Distributed I/O table ENI-TWRE/CMB maneuvering 
  • ENI-PO1024/768/3 diagnostic operator panel
  • Driver operator’s panel ENI-PO800/480/7
  • HVAC system controller OWiK ENI-SKL/CMB
  • ENI-SDT door controller
  • ENI-MKB/CMB error correction module
  • ENI-MSU/CMB fault simulation module

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