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ENI-SPANT/450 Pantograph Station

ENI-SPANT/450 Pantograph Station is a fast and powerful charger intended for charging electric buses equipped with a Ride&Charge pantograph (from EC Engineering sp. z o.o.)

ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 System

The ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 is a complete motive power transmission and control system intended for the ELECTRONTRANS T19102-10 trolleybus.


The ENI-EBUS/ELTR/ZF/AVE system is a complete power and control equipment unit for the ELECTRON electricbus manufactured by ELECTRONTRANS.


The ENI-EBUS/URSUS system is a complete power and control equipment unit for the EKOVOLT electric bus manufactured by URSUS.

ENI-BAT/400AC/6/U Converter

The ENI-BAT/400AC/6/U static converter is intended as a 3 x 400 VAC power supply.

KLIT 600/1 Air Conditioning Unit

The KLIT 600/1 A/C unit is intended for comfort control of the air temperature in tram motorman and trolleybus driver cabs.

ENI-EBUS/CENT Universal Power Transmission Box

The universal power transmission box consists of a single-body box to be mounted on the roof of an electrically-driven vehicle.

ENI-LW400 Workshop Charger

The ENI-LW400 mobile charger is intended for recharging EV bus battery packs.

ENI-LM400 City Charger

The ENI-LM400 stationary city charger is intended for recharging EV bus battery banks. The battery charger is powered directly fromindustrial power supply 3 x 400 VAC.

ENI-LZ400 Depot Charger

The ENI-LZ400 stationary depot charger is designed to charge EV bus batteries.

ENI-SBERS/20 Energy Recuperation System

The ENI-SBERS/20 energy recuperation system is intended for installation in vehicles with diesel engines, mainly public transport buses.

ENI-BCM charge control module

The ENI-BCM charge control module is designed to measure battery current.

ENI-BAT/24DC/6/U Converter

The ENI-BAT/24DC/6/U static converter is intended for recharging 24 V batteries aboard electric bus vehicles.

ENI-TL600/24AC-22 Converter

The ENI-TL 600/24AC-22 static converter is intended as a 24 V and 3 x 400 VAC power supply for trolleybus driver's cab and passenger cabin air conditioning lines.

ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 Electric Heater

The ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 electric heater is intended for comfort heating of a trolleybus body interior with a stream of hot air.

ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X Converter

The ENI-PV/L-MPPT/X converter is a set of MMPT solar power controllers, intended for charging 24 VDC batteries.

ENI-PP600/230 Pole Mounted Converter

The ENI-PP600/230 static converter is intended as a power supply source for technical infrastructure equipment, supplied from the 600 VDC overhead contact line.


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