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ENI-PTC750/52 Converter

The ENI-PTC750/52 converter is intended for supplying auxiliary circuits with 110 VDC and 3 x 400 V/50 Hz alternating sinusoidal voltage in modernised underground passenger carriages.

ENI-SR/P1/2016 Hand Dryer

The ENI-SR/P1/2016 (right-hand version) hand dryer is built-in railway convenience equipment for the WC cubicles of passenger carriages.

ENI-BCM charge control module

The ENI-BCM charge control module is designed to measure battery current.

ENI-OU3000RT Busbar Disconnector

The ENI-OU3000RT busbar disconnector is intended for making and breaking UIC-550 compliant contact system voltage connections to rail vehicle high voltage circuits, including static converters.

ENI-PW3000/24 Converter

The ENI-PW3000/24 is a source of 24 VDC power supply for auxiliary lines aboard passenger rail cars.

ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand

The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.

UWOe-1-2 Selective Switch Panel

The UWOe-1-2 selective switch panel provides power supply to ventilation heating systems in new and retrofitted passenger rail cars.

ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 System

The ENI-ZNT200/UKR/072016 is a complete motive power transmission and control system intended for the ELECTRONTRANS T19102-10 trolleybus.

KLIT 600/1 Air Conditioning Unit

The KLIT 600/1 A/C unit is intended for comfort control of the air temperature in tram motorman and trolleybus driver cabs.

ENI-LA400/24/6 Charger

The ENI-LA400/24/6 charger provides power for on-board devices rated at 24 V and recharges the on-board battery bank.

ENI-24/230/2,5 Converter

TheENI-24/230/2.5 converter is powered by aconstant 24V voltage from vehicle batteries or a converter generating such a voltage,and is intended for supplying devices with a rated voltage of 230 VAC.

ENI-PSZ3000-26/AC-DC stationary converter

The ENI-PSZ3000-26/AC-DC stationary converter is intended to supply system power from 3 kVDC systems.

Double - frequency current generator

The double-frequency current generator is a device intended for induction hardening; the device comes complete with automatic output line adjustment for the charge impedance during the heating process.

ENI-TL600/24AC-22 Converter

The ENI-TL 600/24AC-22 static converter is intended as a 24 V and 3 x 400 VAC power supply for trolleybus driver's cab and passenger cabin air conditioning lines.

ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 Electric Heater

The ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 electric heater is intended for comfort heating of a trolleybus body interior with a stream of hot air.

ENI-PL3000/130/S2 Converter

The ENI-PL3000/130/S2 is a locomotive auxiliary converter intended to output 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz sine AC voltage and 24 V DC voltage for electrical lines aboard retrofitted EP-07 rail locomotives. This is a UIC-600 compliant HV powered device.

ENI-ZB15/1000 Power supply unit

The ENI-ZB15/1000 power supply unit has the output voltage adjustable from 1 to 1000 V. The device is intended for testing electrical systems and equipment of rail vehicles, specifically trams.

ENI-PLK2400/33/AC-DC Converter

The ENI-PLK2400/33/AC-DC converter is intended as a power source of 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz and 220 V, 50 Hz AC voltages and 56 VDC voltage for the on-board systems in retrofitted Type EL.2.100 electric locomotives.

ENI-PP600/230 Pole Mounted Converter

The ENI-PP600/230 static converter is intended as a power supply source for technical infrastructure equipment, supplied from the 600 VDC overhead contact line.

ENI-PM110/400 Converter

The ENI-PM110/400 converter is intended as a power supply source of the passenger cabin ventilation systems in underground rail (subway) vehicles.

ENI-PS3000-6,4-AC/DC Converter

The ENI-PS3000-6,4-AC/DC static converter is intended to provide power from 3 kVDC systems to non-traction system loads

ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC Converter

The ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC static converter is intended to provide power from 3 kVDC systems to non-traction system loads.

ENI-PWW3000/24RT Converter

The ENI-PWW3000/24RT converter is intended as a 24 VDC and sine-wave 230 V, 50 Hz power supply for auxiliary lines in passenger rail cars.

ENI-PZT400/24/6 Converter

The ENI-PZT400/24/6 converter is intended as a power supply for 24 VDC onboard circuits of electric train units.

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