Article: Enika pantograph stations in Lublin

We invite you to read the article about one of Enika’s interesting, ecological projects concerning the implementation of pantograph stations for the city of Lublin. For 30 years, Enika has been specializing in the design, production and service of complete electrical and power electronic equipment for both urban public transport (trams, trolleybuses, electric buses and … Read more

Article: Depot chargers as a part of a comprehensive project for MPK Częstochowa.

For 30 years, Enika has been supplying complete electrical and power electronic equipment for both public transport (trams, trolleybuses, electric buses) and railways. Thanks to the wide competence and huge experience, the company offers high-quality devices and the possibility of full integration of all components on the vehicle, in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Operating … Read more

Certificate ISO

Last year was an important year for Enika company for many reasons. One of them was passing a cyclic, detailed audit, which confirmed all the company’s quality standards and procedures. Enika passed this exam with a high grad, and has been found as a accordance with the requirements of the management system standards which includes: design, manufacturing, delivery and … Read more

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