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We design, manufacture and deliver power electronic devices for the railway industry (companies manufacturing/modernizing rolling stock and the underground, direct users).
Range of products dedicated to the railway industry:

  • single-voltage and multi-voltage static converters with rated capacities from 1 to 130 kW, for use in electric and diesel locomotives, electric traction units and passenger carriages,
  • converters generating voltage supplies for auxiliary devices (e.g. passenger information system) in passenger carriages and electric trains,
  • driver’s cabin air-conditioning units,
  • carriage air conditioning system with a cooling power of: 35 kW, and heating power of: 30 kW,
  • air heaters with heating capacities from 1 to 8.4 kW,
  • hand dryers and automatic devices for toilet booths,
  • passenger panels fitted with touchscreens, with advanced diagnostic and communication functionalities,
  • test stands (power feeders) with a capacity of up to 90 kW, enabling diagnostic testing on all modern passenger carriages,
  • diesel locomotive control systems,
  • converter regulators.

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