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Double - frequency current generator

The double-frequency current generator is a device intended for induction hardening; the device comes complete with automatic output line adjustment for the charge impedance during the heating process.

ENI-SBT70 Power supply unit

The ENI-SBT70 power supply unit with a rated output voltage of 600 VDC is intended as a power supply to tram cars during testing of onboard electrical components.

ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand

The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.

ENI-ZB15/1000 Power supply unit

The ENI-ZB15/1000 power supply unit has the output voltage adjustable from 1 to 1000 V. The device is intended for testing electrical systems and equipment of rail vehicles, specifically trams.


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