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ENI-LA400/24/6 Charger

The ENI-LA400/24/6 charger provides power for on-board devices rated at 24 V and recharges the on-board battery bank.

UWOe-1-2 Selective Switch Panel

The UWOe-1-2 selective switch panel provides power supply to ventilation heating systems in new and retrofitted passenger rail cars.

ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand

The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.

ENI-PW3000/24 Converter

The ENI-PW3000/24 is a source of 24 VDC power supply for auxiliary lines aboard passenger rail cars.

ENI-OU3000RT Busbar Disconnector

The ENI-OU3000RT busbar disconnector is intended for making and breaking UIC-550 compliant contact system voltage connections to rail vehicle high voltage circuits, including static converters.

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