ENI-110/24DC Converter

Przekształtnik ENI-110/24DC
Przekształtnik ENI-110/24DC



The ENI-110/24DC converter is intended as a power supply for on-board LV systems in railway cars, locomotives and electric train units.


 Supply voltage  66 ÷ 137,5 VDC
 Rated output voltage  24 VDC
 Output voltage variation  0,5 V
 Continuous output rated current  35 A
 Overload current  40 A
 Maximum overload duration  10 s
 Weight  ca. 5,5 kg
Output shorting resistance
Noise-free operation


The converter is located in a metal sheet enclosure which is isolated from the electrical system. The enclosure top part is an aluminium heat sink which cools the device with ambient air. The power input and output cables are connected to the strip LZ10 with four terminals. The enclosure houses an input filter, an IGBT module with a zero diode, a Hall effect current transducer, a ferrite core choke, a controller unit and an output filter.


The converter transforms AC input voltage into stabilized 24 V output voltage by PWM. The converter output voltage, when the device power source is turned on, increases smoothly from zero to the rated output value in ca. 1.5 s. The converter is completely impervious to overloading or shorting. If the rated current is exceeded, the control system will start counting down 10 s, and if the overload state persists, the converter is shut down. The device is restarted by cycling the input voltage. If the converter output is shorted, the output current is limited to 40 A by derating the output voltage. The control system counts down the shorting duration for 10 s and if the shorting state persists, the converter is shut down. If the shorting/overload ceases before the 10 s timeout, the converter resumes normal operation.


schemat blokowy przeksztaltnika ENI-110-24DC

Power kW
Input voltage
110 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC

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