ENI-PP100/DBC Auxiliary rectifier

Prostownik pomocniczy ENI-PP100/DBC
Prostownik pomocniczy ENI-PP100/DBC



The ENI-PP100/DBC rectifier is fed with the supply from the auxiliary generator and intended as a power supply for the auxiliary circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives.h.


 Supply voltage  3 x 400 VAC ± 10%
 Supply voltage frequency  50 Hz ± 10%
 Control input voltage  24 VDC ± 30%
 Rated output current  100 ADC
Integrated temperature sensors for rectifier heat sinks
 Size, without connection glands (L x W x H)  490 x 451 x 402 mm
 Cooling  natural
 Ambient operating temperature  -30°C ÷ +40°C


The rectifier electrical circuitry is housed in a sealed and durable aluminium enclosure, preserved with a powder coat finish for improved resistance to ambient and operating conditions.
The enclosure houses the following:

  • The back wall carries a high-efficiency heat sink with 3 units of double diode power modules, configured into a 6D three-phase rectifier; the heat sink provides effective cooling of the power processing components with ambient air,
  • The left hand wall carries a TS35 mounting rail with connection terminals (6 connectors of the power line and 2 diagnostic connectors) interfaced with the vehicle onboard systems,
  • The back wall features sealing glands for the connection lines of the onboard systems.

The removable front panel grants service access to the rectifier interior. The enclosure corners are fitted with four ø11 openings for mounting the device to the vehicle frame.


The AC to DC converter section is a three-phase 6D bridge, comprising high-current double diode power modules, installed on a high-efficiency heat sink. The rectifying diodes are protected by RC circuits against switching overvoltage. The power line over the heat sink is cooled with ambient air. The bimetallic sensors protect against emergency over temperature of the heat sink. If the heat sink reaches the emergency trip temperature of the sensor set at 80°C, the contacts of the signal output to the onboard systems are broken and the three-phase supply voltage is isolated from the rectifier.


schemat blokowy prostownik pomocniczego ENI-PP100/DBC

Power kW
Input voltage
3 x 400 VAC
Output voltage
540 VDC

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