ENI-PP2000/DBC Main rectifier




The ENI-PP2000/DBC rectifier is fed from the main generator and intended as a power supply for electric traction power circuits of shunting and similar locomotives.


 Supply voltage  3 x 690 VAC ± 10%
 Supply voltage frequency  50 Hz ± 10%
 Control input voltage  24 VDC ± 30%
 Power demand by control circuits  < 60 W
 Rated output current  2000 ADC
Integrated temperature sensors for rectifier heat sinks
 Size, without connection glands (L x W x H)  750 x 580 x 325 mm
 Cooling  forced
 Ambient operating temperature  -30°C ÷ +40°C


The rectifier electric circuits are built on a base plate made from an insulating material which assures resistance to environmental and operating conditions.

The base plate has the following components installed:

  • One 6-diode power module, configured with busbars into a three-phase 6D rectifier,
  • One TS35 mounting rail, carrying the control line components (input and output connectors, fan relay, and fan fuses) for the connection of the control signals and the 24 VDC supply voltage,
  • The power diode module shield, including fans for cooling the power circuitry, and a top cover.

The base plate corners are fitted with four ø11 openings for mounting the device to the vehicle frame.


The AC to DC conversion section is a three-phase 6D bridge, based on high-current power diodes labelled VD1 to VD6 and installed within high-efficiency heat sink modules. The rectifying diodes are protected by RC circuits (R11-C11 to R61-C61) against switching overvoltage. The power line is force cooled with the air supplied by three high-performance fans, labelled EV1 to EV3 and powered with the 24 VDC supply from the vehicle onboard system. The fans are operated by bimetallic temperature sensors, installed on the diode heat sinks. Each fan is protected by a dedicated fuse. The bimetallic sensors protect against emergency overtemperature of the heat sinks. If one of the heat sinks reaches the emergency trip temperature of the sensors set at 90°C, the contacts of the signal output to the onboard systems are broken and the three-phase supply voltage is isolated from the rectifier.


schemat blokowy prostownika głównego ENI-PP2000/DBC

Power kW
Input voltage
3 x 690 VAC
Output voltage
930 VDC

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