ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC Converter

Przetwornica ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC



The ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC static converter is intended to provide power from 3 kV DC systems to non-traction system loads. The converter can supply power to all equipment with the rated input voltage of 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz and 24 VDC (for battery bank charging).


 Supply voltage  3000 VDC
 Supply voltage variation  2000 ÷ 3900 VDC
 Power rating  16 kVA
 Output voltage  3 x 400 VAC, 230 VAC oraz 24 VDC
 AC output rated power  16 kVA
 DC output rated power  100 W
 Protection  output terminal shorting long-lasting 
Galvanic separation of input voltage and output voltage
 Cooling  natural
 Ambient temperature  -33°C ÷ +40°C
 Enclosure protection rating  IP55
 Size [W x H x D]  1040 x 1353 x 660mm
 Weight  365 ± 10 kg


The converter enclosure is a sealed and durable instrument cabinet. The enclosure side walls feature aluminium heat sinks. Service access to the enclosure interior is provided by swing-opening of the heat sinks. The enclosure is preserved with a powder coat for improved resistance to operating conditions. The converter is mounted with the installation holes on the pedestal frame. The metal components of the enclosure are isolated from the internal electrical system. The contact system voltage input is provided over two cables, passing the glands, and into the HV input lines of the converter.


The converter ENI-PS3000/16/AC-DC transforms the 3 kVDC railway contact system supply voltage into output voltages:

  • 24 VDC for DC lines and the battery bank;
  • sine-wave 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz (230 VAC) for AC lines.

The supply voltage passes the input filter on the way to the HV inverter and is converted there into HF AC voltage to power the primary winding of the power transformer. The transformer secondary winding output voltage is rectified and filtered to power the LV block of the converter. The LV block generates the AC and DC output voltages and feeds them to the converter output terminals. The HV lines (the contact system voltage) and the output voltage lines are galvanically separated, and all electric circuits are isolated from the device enclosure. The DC and three-phase AC output lines are galvanically separated from each other. The control systems ensure stable AC and DC voltage outputs. The diagnostic systems monitor the performance and operating readiness of the entire device and its individual blocks. The internal control systems of the converter feature microprocessor controllers for the individual functional blocks. The HV an LV inverter control signals are transmitted by digital controllers via optical fibre interfaces. The device generates three-phase sine-wave AC output voltage (through an integrated harmonic filter).

Power kW
Input voltage
1800 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC , 3 x 400 V , 230 VAC

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