ENI-PSZ3000-26/AC-DC stationary converter





The ENI-PSZ3000-26/AC-DC stationary converter is intended to supply system power from 3 kVDC systems. Enables the supply of devices with a 3 x 400 VAC / 50 Hz three-phase or a 230 VAC / 50 Hz single-phase input voltage.

The device has a steel structure suitable for installation in a separate track-side space or inside a cabinet.



Input voltages HV power supply
  • napięcie znamionowe:
  • zakres zmienności:
  • zabezpieczenie wejścia:
  • 3000 VDC
  • 1800 VDC ÷ 4000 VDC
  • nadnapięciowe i przepięciowe
Output voltage 3 x 400 VAC
  • rated voltage:
  • power rating:
  • voltage stability:
  • frequency stability:
  • voltage waveform:
  • output protection:
  • acceptable phase asymmetry:
  • single-phase voltage rating:
  • load specification:
  • 3 x 400VRMS / 50Hz
  • 26 kVA at cosφ≥0.8
  • ≤ +5 / -10%
  • ≤ ± 1%
  • sine, THD ≤ 8%
  • electronic and equipment
    (C50 overcurrent circuit breaker)
  • ≤ 50%
  • 230 VRMS / 50Hz
  • Three-phase and single-phase system loads distributed across successive phases, and the neutral conductor

Control power supply: The converter has a built-in autostart – it begins operation after switching on the HV power supply
Efficiency: ≥ 85%
Ambient operating temperature: -30oC ÷ +40oC
Cooling: Forced, with the air drawn in from the device surroundings.
Protection rating: IP55
Size: 978 mm x 1616 mm x 617 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: (250 ± 10) kg
Mounting method: The cabinet should be installed on a platform allowing it to be fixed to the surface at 4 points
Comments: The device requires additional protection on the HV input, with a time delay fuse having a 16 A current rating.


The converter is installed in a sealed and robust cabinet which houses all the electrical equipment. Two high-efficiency aluminum heat sinks are installed on the back wall of the cabinet, thus providing efficient cooling of the power circuit elements of the device.

The single lockable door opens to the left for service access. The enclosure is powder coated for improved resistance to operating conditions.

A fuse box is mounted on one side wall of the converter, and includes 3 x 400 VAC+N output fuses and electrical connections. The box, as well as the cabinet, is lockable, to protect against access to the converter by unauthorized persons.

The contact system voltage input is provided via two cables, passing through gland joints in the converter cabinet base.



The converter converts a 3 kVDC traction supply to a sinusoidal 3 x 400 VAC voltage. Voltage from the HV input terminals is supplied to an input filter consisting of diode, choke and capacitor. The filtered voltage is subsequently supplied to the HV inverter and then to the primary winding of the power supply transformer.

The output voltage of the transformers is rectified and filtered in the DC link voltage and supplied to AC voltage inverter. The HV lines (contact system voltage) and the intermediate voltage lines are galvanically separated, and all HV box electric circuits are isolated from the device enclosure.

The converter control system ensures AC output voltage stability independently of any HV power supply variations or load resistance values at the AC output, and make the device immune to the effects of overloads or shorting that may occur at the output.

Diagnostic systems maintain the efficiency and operational readiness of particular units, and in the event of malfunctions regarding any of the sub-assemblies, operation of the entire device is discontinued.



Power kW
Output voltage
3 x 400 VAC

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