ENI-PTC750/52 Converter





The ENI-PTC750/52 converter is intended for supplying auxiliary circuits with 110 VDC and 3 x 400 V/50 Hz alternating sinusoidal voltage in modernised underground passenger carriages. The device functions correctly when energised with a nominal voltage of 750 VDC, with a range of variability and overvoltage values as specified in EN 50163:2005-07


 Input voltage: 750 VDC (voltage range variation: 500V ÷ 900V)

 110 VDC

  • rated voltage:
  • output power:
  • maximum power / 1 min every 30 min
  • battery charging current:
  • load specification:
  • 110 VDC
  • 7 kW (continuous)
  • 9 kW
  • 4 A - set by CAN
  • DC 110 V auxiliary circuits, battery charging
 3 x 400 VAC/50Hz
  • rated voltage:
  • output power:
  • output frequency:
  • frequency stability:
  • voltage stability:
  • voltage characteristic:
  • harmonic content:
  • load specification:
  • 3 x 400 Vrms
  • 45 kVA (continuous) at cosϕ = 0.8 45°C
  • 70 kVA (1 min) at cosϕ = 0.8 45°C
  • 50 kVA (continuous) at cosϕ = 0.8 40°C
  • 50 Hz
  • ± 1%
  • ± 3% static, ± 10% dynamic
  • Sinusoidal
  • ≤5%
  • AC auxiliary circuits, motors
 Maximum power: 52 kW
 Ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ 40°C
 Cooling: forced, two fans in the box
 IP rating: IP55 – electronics chamber, IP24 – air inlets, IP20 – air outlets
 Dimensions (length x width x height): 1610 mm x 1040 mm x 450 mm
 Weight: max 425kg


The converter is installed in a sealed, aluminium, chromated housing, including all the electrical and electronic equipment. The box has a protective paint system to increase its resistance to operating conditions – powder coating.
The converter has a modular structure for easy maintenance work. It is divided into:

  • Withdrawable input module, which includes contactor, autostart system and bleeder resistors;
  • Withdrawable 110 VDC module, which includes an energy conversion system from 3x400 VAC to 110 VDC with galvanic separation;
  • Withdrawable 3x400 VAC inverter module, which includes IGBT modules with DC-link capacitors, controller, power supply and measuring systems;
  • Withdrawable 110 VDC module, which includes an energy conversion system from 3x400 VAC to 110 VDC with galvanic separation.

Access to each of the zones is through inspection covers equipped with a key insert. The use of high-quality WAGO connectors and easily accessible screw connectors allows for quick and trouble-free disconnection, as well as retraction and replacement of drawers in the event of the failure of one of them.


The converter converts traction power supply voltages of 750 VDC to stabilized output voltages: 110 VDC and 3x400 VAC/50 Hz. The power transformer in the inverter circuit provides galvanic separation between the input and the output of the converter. The inverter output control block provides stabilisation of output voltages, control of the battery charging current as well as resistance to overloads and short circuits. This block stabilises the AC and DC output voltages, regardless of the variation and values of the input voltage of the converter and the loads from the energised vehicle circuits. The diagnostic system controls the efficiency and readiness of the entire device, and in the event of the failure of one of its components, device operation is suspended and a failure signalled.

Functions of the inverter:

  • Soft start after applying high voltage,
  • Maintenance of constant AC and DC output voltages,
  • Limitation of the maximum AC and DC output current for shorting and overload conditions,
  • Control and limitation of the maximum battery charging current,
  • Generation of three-phase sinusoidal voltage to energise air conditioners, fans, compressors and auxiliary circuits on the vehicle,
  • Generation of a constant voltage to supply lighting, radio, magnetic brake, control systems, other electronic devices as well as for charging batteries,
  • Providing a power supply on the vehicle in the absence of batteries or in the event of their deep discharge – the so-called back-up generator system.



schemat blokowy nagrzewnicy ENI-PSC3000-26/AC-DC

Power kW
Input voltage
750 VDC
Output voltage
3 x 400 VAC , 110 VDC

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