ENI-PW3000/24 Converter




The ENI-PW3000/24 is a source of 24 VDC power supply for auxiliary lines aboard passenger rail cars.


 Supply voltage  3000 VDC
 Supply voltage variation  2000 to 4000 VDC
 Output voltage  28 VDC ± 1,4 V
 Rated output current  240 A
 Maximum output current  265 A for 30 s
 Maximum battery charging current  limited to: 75 A
Output terminal shorting protection
Long-term overload protection
 Minimum battery voltage for converter start-up  16,5 VDC
 Ambient operating temperature  -30°C to +40°C
 Size  1000 x 700 x 600 mm
 Weight  240 ± 10 kg
 Enclosure protection rating  IP54
 Cooling  natural


The converter is installed in a sealed and robust aluminium enclosure which houses all the electrical equipment of this device. The enclosure box is preserved with a powder-coat finish for improved protection against the operating conditions. Service access is ensured by a swing-open cover, formed by a high-performance aluminium heat sink. The electrical connection terminals are located in separate bays. The LV and control voltage circuits of the converter are connected via multi-pin connectors.


The converter transforms the input supply voltage from the railway contact system to a stabilised 24 V output for the auxiliary DC lines aboard the rail car. The elevated-frequency power transformer (TR) of the device provides galvanic separation between the input and output sides. The voltage output stability, battery charging current control and overload and shorting protection are ensured by the converter control system. The diagnostic circuit monitors the performance and operating readiness of the entire device; should any component fail, the device is stopped and a failure alarm is indicated. The elevated frequency HV inverter reduces the noise level to minimum, making any sound emission virtually inaudible to the service personnel.

Converter functionalities:

  • soft start after connection to the HV source,
  • constant and stable 24 VDC output, irrespective of the converter voltage input variations or the on-board loads,
  • maximum output limited to 24 VDC by derating during overload and shorting states,
  • converter overload state duration monitoring for up to 30 s, followed by shutdown,
  • battery bank charging current control and limiting with temperature-adjusted charging voltage,
  • output of NO RECHARGE alarm signals (from the relay contacts) to the on-board controls for converter status verification.
Power kW
Input voltage
3000 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC

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