ENI-PWW3000/24RT Converter

rysunek techniczny przetwornica ENI-PWW3000/24RT/
rysunek techniczny przetwornica ENI-PWW3000/24RT/



The ENI-PWW3000/24RT converter is intended as a 24 V DC and sine-wave 230 V, 50 Hz power supply for auxiliary lines in passenger rail cars. This is a UIC-550 compliant HV powered device and designed for installation beneath car floor panels.


Converter power supply ratings
 Supply voltage  1000 VAC – 16 ⅔ Hz   (800 ÷ 1200 VAC)
 1000 VAC - 50 Hz   (800 ÷ 1200 VAC)
 1500 VAC - 50 Hz   (1050 ÷ 1740 VAC)
 1500 VDC   (900 ÷ 1950 VDC)
 3000 VDC   (2000 ÷ 4000 VDC)
 Control input voltage  24 VDC (with autostart at < 16.8 VDC and HV input online)
24 V DC output
 Rated output voltage  28 VDC
 Rated power output  8 kW
 Maximum battery charging current  95 A
 Electronic protection  overload and shorting
230 VAC output
 Rated output voltage  230 VAC RMS
 Rated power output  5 kVA przy cosρ≥0,8
 Output frequency  50 Hz
 Voltage waveform  sine
  Electronic protection  overload and shorting
230 VAC voltage output from on-board battery bank upon converter HV input voltage outage
General parameters
 Maximum power rating  13 kW
 Device temperature class: T1 ref. PN- EN-50125-1:2002  -25°C ÷ +40°C
 Cooling  natural (convection) with ambient air
 Protection rating  IP54
 Size [L x W x H]  1500 x x676 x 600 mm
 Weight  310 kg (± 10 kg)



The converter is installed in a sealed and robust aluminium sheet enclosure which houses all electrical and electronic equipment of this device. The enclosure box is preserved with a powder-coat finish for improved protection against operating conditions. Service access is assured by a swing-open cover, formed by a high-performance aluminium heat sink. The heat sink provides natural cooling with the ambient air stream. The electrical connections are housed in separate bays on the enclosure short sides for easy access and protection against penetration of the enclosure by contaminants and moisture. All device materials meet the relevant standards for non-flammability, safety of use and environmental protection. The advanced technical solutions applied in the device (high operating frequency of the power processing line, nanocrystalline core transformers, special contact-free Hall effect voltage and current sensors, and fibre optic-based control lines) assure environmentally-friendly operation of the device (with a negligible noise level that is virtually inaudible to passengers and crew), high resistance to operating shorting and overvoltages within the on-board systems, and high operating durability, reliability and stability. The conduced interference levels are limited by filters on the converter outputs for assured EMC compliance. The connections of the converter with the on-board systems include:

  • HV X1 screw terminals (2 x M8 terminals) installed in a separate terminal box.
  • Harting connectors grouped in two terminal units:
    - X2 power output unit;
    - X3 control, data and AC outputs.


The converter transforms the UIC-550 compliant railway contact system voltage into stabilised 24 VDC and 230 VAC output voltages. The power transformer installed on the inverter U1 line provides galvanic separation of the converter inputs from the converter outputs. The voltage output stability, battery charging current control and overload and shorting protection are assured by the converter control block BS. The control block BS stabilises the AC and DC voltage outputs irrespective of the converter voltage input variations or the on-board loads. The diagnostic circuit monitors the performance and operating readiness of the entire device; should any component fail, the device is stopped and a failure alarm is indicated.


schemat blokowy przetwornicy ENI-PWW3000/24RT/

Power kW
Input voltage
3kV UIC 550
Output voltage
24 VDC , 230 VAC

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