ENI-PZT400/24/6 Converter

Przetwornica ENI-PZT400/24/6
Przetwornica ENI-PZT400/24/6



The ENI-PZT400/24/6 converter is intended as a power supply for 24 VDC onboard circuits of electric train units.


 Rated input voltage  3 x 400 VAC (w/o neutral conductor)
 Supply voltage source  electric train unit auxiliary converter
 Nominal output voltage  24 VDC
 Output current  236 A (at 24.84 V)
 Cooling type  forced by integrated fan, 400 ± 50 m3/h
 Ambient operating temperature  -25°C÷+40°C
 Additional protection contact  M12 bolt on the enclosure outer surface
 Weight  ca. 45 kg
 Size [D x W x H]  380 x 500 x 450 mm
 Installation  equipment box
 Connectivity  RS-232, CAN
 Operating status indication  RUN (green led + relay output)
 FAULT (red led + relay output)


The converter is housed in an aluminium enclosure intended for installation in equipment boxes aboard electric train units. The device enclosure is made of 3 mm thick aluminium sheet, formed into a cube with removable top and bottom covers. The enclosure surface is preserved by powder coating for improved resistance to operation and environment. The front wall features special grips for lifting, handling and insertion/withdrawal into/out of the equipment box. The converter requires forced air cooling for proper operation. This is ensured by two integrated fans on the converter enclosure back wall. The air inlet grids are on the front wall, and the air exhaust grids are on the back wall of the enclosure. The size, the installation method and the electrical connections of the converter have been designed specifically for rack mounting in equipment boxes. The device is fastened with four bolts installed in the front part of the enclosure.


The converter transforms the 3 x 400 V to 50 Hz input voltage into stabilised 24 VDC voltage. The input voltage passes the input line, a non-controlled rectifier and an LC filter to enter an inverter based on fast IGBTs. The inverter feeds the transformer primary winding. The voltage induced in the secondary winding is rectified and filtered in a bank of low-pass filters. The inverter is operated with PWM and variable modulation frequency. The PWM allows adjustment of the output voltage. The converter operating frequency can vary between 20 kHz and 30 kHz. The converter is ready for operation when it receives the supply voltage at the input.


schemat blokowy przetwornicy ENI-PZT400/24/6

Power kW
Input voltage
3 x 400 VAC
Output voltage
24 VDC

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