ENI-RPG/DBC Controller

Regulator ENI-RPG/DBC
Regulator ENI-RPG/DBC



The ENI-RPG/DBC main generator excitation controller is intended as a power supply for the main generator windings and to control the discharge resistor in the electrical circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives. The device is supplied by the voltage output from the auxiliary generator and rectified by the auxiliary rectifier.


 Supply voltage  540 VDC ± 20%
 Control input voltage  24 VDC ± 30%
 Excitation winding rated voltage  100 VDC
 Excitation line rated output current  100 ADC
 Maximum voltage load of the discharge resistor switch  650 VDC
 Switch maximum output current  100 ADC
 Ambient operating temperature  100 ADC
 Device cooling  forced with ambient air
 Protection rating  IP54
 Size [L x W x H]  490 x 459 x 402 mm


The controller electrical circuits are housed in a sealed and durable enclosure preserved with anti-corrosion protection and a powder coat finish for improved resistance to ambient and operating conditions.
The enclosure houses the following:

  • The back wall carries a high-performance heat sink with two double IGBT power modules, configured into a derating chopper for the supply voltage of the generator excitation winding, and a discharge resistor control switch,
  • The heat sink ensures effective air cooling for the power processing components,
  • The left hand wall carries a TS35 mounting rail with connection terminals (7 connectors of the power line and 8 control connectors) interfaced with the vehicle onboard systems,
  • The back wall features sealing glands for the connection lines of the onboard systems.

The removable front panel grants service access to the controller interior. The enclosure corners are fitted with four ø11 for affixing the device to the vehicle frame.


The input voltage is supplied from the auxiliary rectifier output to the power input terminals; the input voltage is measured/monitored with a voltage sensor, Uin. The input capacitors, C1 and C2, separate the voltage in downstream power lines from interference and transient variations, while the resistors R1 and R2 act as equalizing and discharge resistors. The voltage derating converter in the module V1 adjusts the voltage output for the auxiliary converter winding excitation voltage to stabilise the auxiliary converter output voltage at a preset level. The current sensor Im protects the voltage controller circuit against overcurrent and shorting within the onboard excitation circuits. The transistorized switch in the module V2 switches the braking resistor/discharge resister onto dissipate transient surplus power during electrodynamic braking of the rail vehicle. The power line over the heat sink is cooled with the ambient air stream forced by a fan installed in the lower section of the heat sink.


schemat blokowy regulatora ENI-RPG/DBC

Input voltage
540 VDC

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