ENI-SB400/UIC/60 Test Stand




The ENI-SB400/UIC/60 is a test stand dedicated to rail wagons with on-board multi-voltage static converters.


 Supply voltage  3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz
 UIC-compliant output voltage  1000 V, 16 2/3 Hz,sine-wave, adjustment range: 700 to 1200 VAC , Imax = 70 A
 1000 V, 50 Hz, sine-wave, adjustment range: 700 to 1200 VAC, Imax = 70 A
 1500 V, 50 Hz, sine-wave, adjustment range: 1090 to 2000 VAC, Imax = 50 A
 3000 VDC , adjustment range:
 - 800 to 2000 V, Imax = 70 A
 - 800 to 4500 V, Imax = 25 A
 Output power  60 kVA / 50 kW
 Supply circuit protections  30 mA RCDs
 100 A overcurrent devices
 Starting current surge protection
Electronic output overcurrent (shorting) protection
Galvanic separation of input and output systems
3 x 400 VAC power on indication
 Enclosure protection rating  IP21
 Ambient temperature  0 to 30°C
 Total weight  SF cabinet: ca. 350 kg; HV cabinet: ca. 1000 kg
 Size [W x D x H]  SF cabinet: 1600 x 600 x 2200 mm
 HV cabinet: 1200 x 800 x 2200 mm


The 3 x 400 VAC input voltage is supplied to a type 6D three-phase bridge rectifier. The input voltage is rectified, filtered and supplied to a downstream voltage derating chopper, followed by a single-phase inverter. The modulated voltage output from this inverter powers the HV transformer primary winding. The HV transformer output voltage is supplied to the AC/DC output voltage selector. The output voltage is switched between AC and DC by rotating the voltage selector switch Q3, located on the HV cabinet door. The switching operation reconfigures the output circuits accordingly. The output current measurement is based on a Hall effect transducer with an ammeter. The output voltage is measured with a Hall effect transducer with a voltmeter. The output voltage type and range are changed by modifying the single-phase inverter control mode, making the appropriate HV tap connection, and switching the output circuit to an AC configuration or a DC configuration, as applicable. The test stand permits infinitely variable control of the output voltage with a multiturn pot meter. The bridge rectifier, the voltage derating chopper and the single-phase inverter are mounted on two radiators. The radiators are cooled by a fan, which is turned on when the radiator temperature reaches 50°C and turned off when the radiator temperature is reduced to 30°C. The power input conductors are accommodated by a five-terminal strip in the SF cabinet; the output lines are connected to the screw terminals in the HV cabinet.

Power kW
Input voltage
3 x 400 VAC
Output voltage
3000 VDC , 1000 V 16 2/3 Hz , 1000 V 50 Hz , 1500 V 50 Hz

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