ENI-SBL/2000 Test Bed

Stanowisko ENI-SBL/2000
rysunek techniczny stanowiska ENI-SBL/2000



The ENI-SBL/2000 test bed is intended for power testing of Diesel locomotive generators. The test bed outputs the power generated by the locomotive during testing.


 Maximum input voltage  1800 VDC
 Maximum input power  2050 kW
 Rated input voltage  3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
 Power source take-off power  25 kW
 Protection rating  IP10 (resistor)
 IP55 (switchboard)
 Ambient temperature  -20 ÷ +40°C
 Size [W x H x L]  1060 x 2420 x 1850 mm
 Weight  1500 kg


The test bed is designed around the 3PQ4-B00831 stationary braking resistor manufactured by GINO AG. The resistor comprises a fan with a 22 kW motor which is intended to blow air through the resistive element in order to facilitate efficient energy dissipation. The switchboard shown in the dimensional drawing contains the electrical and electronic apparatus which automates the process of putting the resistor online with the locomotive generator circuit. There are two DC contactors working in parallel to close the locomotive generator load circuit. Each contactor line measures the current for continuous monitoring of even current distribution over the contactors. The line contactor supplies the 3 x 400V, 50Hz input voltage to the fan soft start module, which in turn facilitates starting the cooling fan without excessive overload to the supply mains. The switchboard front features an isolating disconnector lever which supplies the test bed with power. The isolating disconnector lever has a closed position lock that can be secured with a padlock. The panel meters on the switchboard door facilitate reading the resistor voltage and current values. Each switchboard door leaf features limit switches as safety interlocks. The test bed connection terminal bay features taps for the locomotive generator line. The cable holders help route and organise the conductors in an orderly fashion. The resistor with the switchboard and the connection terminal bay of the test station are set on a common steel frame to form a compact structure.


The ENI-SBL/2000 test bed monitors the process of Diesel locomotive generator power testing. Depending on the locomotive output voltage, the test bed operates the DC contactors of the resistor to prevent damage to the resistor and other components. The test bed also visualises the test progress with real-time measurement of resistor voltage and current.


schemat blokowy stanowiska ENI-SBL/2000

Power kW
Input voltage
1800 VDC

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