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ENI-RPG/DBC Controller

The ENI-RPG/DBC main generator excitation controller is intended as a power supply for the main generator windings and to control the discharge resistor in the electrical circuits of shunting and similar diesel-electric locomotives.

ENI-SIP Current Stabilizer

The ENI-SIP 110V/l-1,2A current stabilizer is intended as a power source for Hasler tachographs in locomotives and train units.

ENI-SB90/3000 Power supply unit

The device is intended as a 3 kV power supply source, generated from 3 x 400 VAC for railway cars. The power supply unit is confined to a mobile truck (cart).

ENI-SBL/2000 Test Bed

The ENI-SBL/2000 test bed is intended for power testing of Diesel locomotive generators. The test bed outputs the power generated by the locomotive during testing.

ENI-SBT70 Power supply unit

The ENI-SBT70 power supply unit with a rated output voltage of 600 VDC is intended as a power supply to tram cars during testing of onboard electrical components.

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