ENI-PT600/24/AC/2x30 Converter

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The ENI-PT600/24/AC/2x30 static converter is intended as a 24 VDC and sine-wave 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz power supply for auxiliary lines in tram cars. The converter features two (2) separate 3 x 400 VAC power outputs, each rated at 30 kVA.


Input power
 Rated input voltage  600 VDC
 Supply voltage variation  400 ÷ 900 VDC
DC output
 Rated voltage   27,9 VDC ± 0,1V
 Rated/max output current  400 A / 450 A (current source mode for 30 s)
 Battery charging current limit  48 A ± 2 A with temperature compensation
 The output is designed for parallel operation with two converters per battery bank
 SiC output design
 Protection   overload
 output terminal shorting
2 x AC voltage output
 Rated voltage  3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
 Rated power   2 x 30 kVA (115% overload for 10 s)
 Protection  overload and shorting
 Output keep-alive for > 200 ms without HV input power
General parameters
 Cooling  Forced, ambient air
 Ambient temperature  -30°C – +40°C
 Enclosure protection rating (power electronic box)  IP65
 Enclosure protection rating (vent duct)  IP21
 Weight  260 kg


The converter is installed in a sealed and robust aluminium sheet enclosure, which houses all the necessary power electronic components. The enclosure is protected with a powder coat finish. The cover facilitates service access to the converter interior.
The cover has a reflective aluminium shield to protect the converter from the heat of solar radiation. The electrical connections of the converter have been designed specifically for easy mounting in a dedicated installation bay. The HV input terminals, 3 x 400 V output terminals, AC control terminals, and CAN data terminals are multi-pin connectors. The 24 V outputs are screw terminals. The 24 V output can be accessed with the terminal box cover removed. The DC line is a SiC design.


The ENI-PT600/24/AC/2x30 converter transforms the tram contact system HV into:

  • 24V stabilised supply for tram onboard auxiliary and battery charging/floating lines;
  • stabilised three-phase voltage supply for air conditioning systems.

The converter control block ensures voltage output stability, battery charging current control and overload and shorting protection. The control block stabilises the AC and DC voltage outputs, irrespective of variations in converter voltage input or onboard loads.

The converter features two (2) separate 3 x 400 VAC power outputs, each rated at 30 kVA. This enables separate energization of each power output to ensure soft starting of the connected loads and adjustment of the power output parameters to the load profile.


ENI-PT600/24/AC/2x30 Converter

Power kW
Input voltage
600 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC , 3 x 400 VAC

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