ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1 Converter

Przetwornica ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1
rysunek techniczny przetwornicy ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1



The ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1 static converter is intended as a power supply for auxiliary systems in retrofitted low-floor tramway cars (e.g. Tatra RT6N1). The converter features an integrated emergency "drive home" converter module.


 Rated input voltage  600 VDC
 Supply voltage variation  400 ÷ 900 VDC
24 VDC output
 Rated voltage  27,9 V
 Rated current  290 A
 Maximum current  300 A
 Battery charging current  limited to 30 A ± 2 A
 Protection  output terminal shorting and overload
AC1 output (compressor, inverter fans and converter fans)
 Rated voltage  3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
 Rated power output  3 kW
AC2 output (heating and ventilation units)
 Rated voltage  3 x 400 V, 35 ÷ 60 Hz
 Rated power output  3 kW
Emergency drive home converter (for leaving the section insulator)
 Supply voltage  24 VDC (18÷30 VDC)
 Output voltage  420 VDC
 Power rating  8 kW
Selected specific data
 Enclosure protection rating (power electronic box)  IP65
 Enclosure protection rating (vent duct)  IP23
 Ambient operating temperature  -30 ºC  ÷  +40 ºC
 Converter weight with fans  295 kg


The converter is installed in a sealed and robust aluminium sheet enclosure which houses all its necessary equipment. The enclosure is preserved with a powder coat finish. The cover facilitates service access to the converter interior. The cover has a reflective aluminium shield which protects the converter from solar radiation heat and facilitates device cooling. The enclosure size, the installation method and the electrical connections of the converter have been designed specifically for easy mounting in a dedicated installation bay.


The ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1 converter transforms the tramway contact system HV into:

  • 24 VDC stabilised output for auxiliary and battery charging/floating lines;
  • stabilized three-phase AC voltage output for the AC ventilation and heating lines;
  • stabilised three-phase AC voltage output to feed the compressor.

In the emergency drive home mode for driving on an insulated line of the tramway contact system, the converter converts the 24 VDC battery output into stabilised 420 VDC for the traction inverters.


schemat blokowy przetwornicy ENI-PT600/24/AC/RT6N1

Power kW
Input voltage
600 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC , 3 x 400 V

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