ENI-BCM charge control module

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The ENI-BCM charge control module is designed to measure battery current. It enables measurements in the range -60 ÷ 60 A to adjust the charging current, and measurements in the range -600 ÷ 600 A to monitor the current drawn from the battery. It can also measure temperature, input and output.


Nominal supply voltage  24 VDC
Operating supply voltage variation  16VDC  ÷ 30 VDC
Current measurement range -60 ÷ 60 A / -600 ÷ 600 A 
Digital input Lower threshold: “0” ≤ 10 V
Upper threshold: “1” ≥ 14 V
Transient state: 10.1 – 13.9 V
Voltage variation range: 0 – 30 V
Digital output VDO OUT: 0/24 V
IDO OUT: max 0,7 A
Temperature input Sensor type: PT100, KTY84 -130
Connectivity CAN 2.0
Ambient temperature -35°C ÷ 45°C
Cooling natural
Electronics protection rating IP 65 (TE plug plugged in: 776273-1)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 168,7 mm x 172 mm x 94 mm
Weight 1 kg


The ENI-BCM module consists of two main elements: a PCB with the electronic part and the enclosure. The electronics board features a current converter for battery current measurement, a digital input, a digital output, an input for temperature sensor measurements and CAN connectivity. The device is protected against reverse polarity at the power input.
The device enclosure consists of a base and a screwed cover with attached X_BCM connector and a nameplate. Current cables with ring terminals are attached to a shaft that runs through the enclosure base. The whole is fixed to the base through four side mounting holes.


Device operation and measurement readouts are achieved via the CAN bus connected to the main controller, or by means of a 24 V signal transmitted to the X_BCM connector pins for the digital input.
The current in the cables connected to terminals X1 and X2 and the shaft flows through the measuring window of the current converter. The device measures current in two ranges: -60 ÷ 60 A and -60 ÷ 60 A.


Input voltage
24 VDC

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