ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 Electric Heater

Nagrzewnica ENI-NN600/3-1/G2
rysunek techniczny nagrzewnicy ENI-NN600/3-1/G2



The ENI-NN600/3-1/G2 electric heater is intended for comfort heating of a trolleybus body interior with a stream of hot air. The device is built of stainless steel and intended for mounting underneath passenger seats.


 Rated heating power voltage  600 VDC
 Heating power voltage variation  400 ÷ 900 VDC
 Rated heating power  3 kW (adjustable to 1 kW, 2 kW or 2 kW by selecting heater sections)
 Rated control voltage  24 VDC
 Control voltage variation  16,8 ÷ 28 VDC
 Fan throughput  max 360 m3/h
 Noise level  max 58 dB
Two-stage overheating protection
 Temperature sensor switching capacity  5 A, 110 VDC
 Maximum air outlet temperature  90°C
Galvanic separation of heating circuit and enclosure (two-stage insulation)
 Insulation test voltage  Stage one: 4 kV / 50 Hz / 1 min
 Stage two: 2,5k V / 50 Hz / 1 min
 Enclosure protection rating  IP20
 Weight  ca. 8,5 kg
 Size  As shown in the quotation drawing
 Operating orientation  Vertical or horizontal


The electric heater is contained within a rectangular stainless steel enclosure. Inside the enclosure is a unit of tube coil heating elements, two induced draught fans, thermal protection sensors, and a terminal strip, divided into the heating circuit terminals and the control circuit terminals. The air fan intakes are protected with screens against foreign bodies, whereas the air outlet features flat baffles which direct the hot air stream. The air inlet wall has two PG21 cable glands for feeding in the heater power and control wiring. The electrical connections are made with spring-loaded connectors. The electric heater is mounted horizontally underneath a passenger seat with two holders inserted into the mounting guide.



The heat source of the device are tube coil heating elements split into one 1 kW section and one 2 kW section for heat output adjustment. The air flow from the two fans passes the tube coil heaters. The thermal protection sensors are normally closed and permit switching the contactor(s) supplying the heating circuit with power. Overtemperature inside of the electric heater, caused by obstruction of the air inlet and/or outlet or shutdown of the fan(s) will break the contacts of either temperature sensor. The temperature sensor break trips the heating circuit power contactor to isolate the voltage input.



schemat blokowy nagrzewnicy ENI-NN600/3-1/G2

Power kW
Input voltage
600 VDC

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