ENI-TL600/24AC-22 Converter

Przetwornica ENI-TL 600/24AC-22
rysunek techniczny przetwornicy ENI-TL 600/24AC-22



The ENI-TL 600/24AC-22 static converter is intended as a 24 V and 3 x 400 VAC power supply for trolleybus driver's cab and passenger cabin air conditioning lines.


 Supply voltage  600 VDC (-220 / +200)
24 VDC output
 Rated output voltage  27,6 V ± 0,5 V
 Rated output current  120 A
AC output
 Rated output voltage  3 x 400 V ± 5%, 50 Hz
 DC rated output line current  23 A
 Output overload capacity  300 % in 1 s
Selected specific data
 Cooling  forced
 Ambient operating temperature  -30 ºC  ÷  +40 ºC
 Converter installation  vehicle roof
 Size [L x W x H]  1238 x550 x 400 mm
 Weight  ca. 180 kg


The converter features a sealed enclosure of powder-coated aluminium sheet. The converter is designed for roof mounting. The unit comprised two boxes integrated with each other. The bottom box is the "dirty" compartment, which features heat sinks for semiconductors, the cooling fan and inductive components. The top box contains the remaining power components and the converter controller. The HV and LV terminals are located on the enclosure side wall, perpendicular to the driving direction. The enclosure top panel is an openable cover with four locks for easy service access. The cover features a sun shield. The enclosure houses the complete electrical system of the converter, comprising three lines:

  • contact system to 600 VDC intermediate voltage line,
  • intermediate voltage to 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz output voltage line,
  • intermediate voltage to 24 VDC voltage output line.


The converter supply voltage passes an input filter to an inverter, which generates the 600 VDC intermediate voltage. The AC voltage output from IGBTs feeds a transformer which provides double galvanic separation between the supply mains and the converter output circuits. When filtered and rectified, the transformer output voltage is passed to an output inverter which generates the AC output and the DC line inverter. The AC output voltage is formed from the sine-wave voltage output of the IGBTs and smoothed with sine-wave filters. The DC output voltage is formed from the sine-wave voltage output of the IGBT that powers the transformer. The transformer provides galvanic separation of the output voltage from all other converter lines. The transformer output voltage is rectified, filtered and passed to the 24 VDC output. The converter controller limits the battery charging current and the 24 VDC current. The converter monitors the performance and operating parameters with a diagnostic software interfaced via the CAN bus network.


schemat blokowy przetwornicy ENI-TL 600/24AC-22

Power kW
Input voltage
600 VDC
Output voltage
24 VDC , 3 x 400 VAC

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