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Recuperation system

Comfortable rail travel, especially over long distances, requires more than suitable seating, it also involves the level of the toilet facilities. Along with the provision of running water, each toilet needs a form of hand dryer. Passengers are already familiar with the use of such convenient features in public toilets. For rail service, the electric hand dryer is more functional and requires practically no service in comparison to paper towel dispensers, which need to be refilled and some method of disposing of the used towels. Therefore, a hand dryer is both a more cost-effective and ecological solution. The dryers available from Enika are made of durable and aesthetic materials, and are equipped with proximity sensors to make them more practical.

ENI-SBERS/20 Energy recuperation system for diesel buses

The ENI-SBERS/20 energy recuperation system is intended for installation in vehicles with diesel engines, mainly public transport buses.


Other devices

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