Trams and LRV

Air conditioning and heating (HVAC)

Good climate control depends on the temperature inside the tramway car, an important factor of commuting comfort. This is especially true in winter, when low temperatures require proper thermal comfort of tram passengers. Tramway service providers can and should fit onboard heaters in their vehicles. The onboard heaters from Enika can be customized to the demands and limits of specific projects. This product category includes traditional heaters installed under passenger seats and complete heating units which distribute warm air through the cabin ventilation ducts. Enika also offers innovative air curtain heaters installed at the tramway car doors. They are most convenient and essentially welcome the boarding commuters with a stream of warm air. All onboard heaters from Enika are made from superior quality materials for a safe and long operating life with a great heating efficiency.

ENI-NN600/P3-1 Heater

The ENI-NN600/P3-1 electric heater is intended for comfort heating of the body interior of electric traction vehicles with a stream of hot air.


Trams and LRV

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