Drive system for Autosan Sancity 10 LFE electric buses and chargers for Częstochowa city

The fleet of 15 Autos Sancity 12 LFE buses was joined by 4 new 10-meter Autosan Sancity 10 LFE electric buses. The order is part of the “Better Communication” program implemented by local carrier MPK Częstochowa, with the aim of protecting the environment and developing electromobility. As part of this program, two more, this time mobile, were added to the 8 stationary, two-station 120 kW chargers. In this way, MPK Częstochowa gained the ability to adapt bus charging to its needs. Enika has supplied sets of drive and control devices for all 19 electric buses owned by the Częstochowa carrier. It also realized the design of two ENI-LW400/2×60 chargers dedicated to these vehicles.

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