Enika experts visited the Symposium and Exhibition of Electric Vehicles (EVS36) in Sacramento

E-mobility is at a turning point!
The transition to e-mobility is accelerating, and companies around the world are developing technologies related to electric drives, autonomous vehicles, charging stations and the use of renewable energy in the transport sector. In June, our experts visited 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EVS36) in Sacramento (USA), which is the most important showcase of innovation in the industry and the longest-running international conference dedicated to electric transport and technology. They had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, innovations and technologies related to electric vehicles. For several intense days, they exchanged knowledge, established valuable business contacts and gained inspiration for further development of our solutions. The impressions from EVS36 are extremely positive, and our team is enthusiastic to use new skills and insights in the development of our products. We believe that this visit will help us meet the expectations of our customers even better and provide them with reliable solutions in the field of electric transport.

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