Complete drive, control and power systems for Moderus Beta MF24 AC trams

ENIKA delivered equipment for the new Moderus Beta MF24 trams. The scope of Enika’s work included the implementation of complete drive, control and power systems of the ENI-ZNAP/MF24 type, including the main components:

  • ENI-FT600/4/MF20 inverter box
  • ENI-PT600/24/AC/MF20 roof static converter
  • Roof braking resistor RB.2x275kW.2x2R
  • A-section apparatus box – ENI-SKA(A)/MF24
  • Equipment box of section B – ENI-SKA(B)/MF24
  • Battery current converters
  • ENI-SNT/MF24 tram driver board
  • 10.4” TFT touch panel ENI-PO1024/768/2
  • ENI-SWN/MF20 quick circuit breaker box

Photo: Mateusz Szymkiewicz

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